Our Dentistry Services and Treatment Philosophy | Babiner Dental
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Babiner Dental Services & Philosophy

Our Treatment Philosophy


The patient matters, above all else. It is important to us to not only deliver top-notch, professional dental services, but to also do so with a strong touch of warmth, and kindness.


You understand your body and needs, better than anyone else. We take the time to understand your fears and concerns about your dental health, and perform proper examination and diagnosis, before prescribing an ideal treatment plan. We present you with options, and allow you decide the best course of action that suits you.


Treatment should be personalized. There is no one-size-fits-all fix for your problems, and so we make sure all treatment is exactly what is right for you.


Communication is critical. We actively seek to understand you. So we listen, to get a good feel for what it is you really need. This way, we can give you the service you need.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We pull out all the stops to make sure you get the service you deserve, and more. When you smile, we smile too.


Our Services


Dental Implants and Crowns. Replace one, some, or all of your teeth, if you need new to.


Implant Supported Dentures. Having problems with your dentures just not fitting? Get a better-feeling mouth, with dental implants.


Porcelain Veneers. Teeth stained? Chipped? Have mamelons? Fix them with porcelain veneers.


Dental Bonding. You can cover up fillings and fixes, with tooth-colored material, easy!


Dental Crowns. Fix broken teeth and ugly crowns with a great dental crown laid on, to make your mouth beautiful.


Root Canals. Dealing with toothache, a deep cavity or fracture? Sort it out with a quick, painless root canal.


Dental Extraction. Whether you have a tooth completely broken down, or a wisdom tooth causing you pain, fix it with a painless dental extraction that allows you implants on the same day.


Children’s Dentistry. Bring your children in for dental checkups that are so fun, they’ll look forward to coming back. Let’s help them develop the right dental habits.


Scaling and Root Planing. Nip periodontal disease in the bud. Our deep cleansing procedure is comfortable. Healing is guaranteed in a matter of weeks.


Partial and Complete Dentures. Lost some teeth? Can’t chew right? Get dentures. Whether it’s partial dentures to replace some teeth, or complete dentures to replace an old set, we’ve got you.


Cleaning and Checkup. Complete oral health can be yours, with a 30-minute check-up and cleaning session.


Tooth Whitening. Get a powerful, yet gentle teeth whitening procedure to have those gorgeous, pearly whites sparkle.


Periodontal Surgery. Completely cure your periodontal disease, with periodontal surgery.


Invisalign and Braces. Whether spaced apart or crowded, come to us to fix your smile, with invisalign and braces.


Full Mouth Reconstruction. Want to eat and smile comfortably? A full mouth reconstruction can help you do that again.


Dental Bridges. Get a dental bridge to fill in the gaps of missing teeth in just two weeks.


Dental Onlay. Replace your old fillings and support your weakened tooth with a dental onlay.


Cosmetic Dentistry. Get a wonderful Hollywood smile with cosmetic dentistry!


Snap-on Smile. Wear the smile you want, whenever you want. No drilling, no shots.


Athletic Mouthguard. Play sports, confident that your teeth are properly protected from injury.


Dental Night Guard. Grind your teeth when you sleep? Protect your teeth from wear and tear with a night guard.